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Empowering You To Transform Lives
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Bloom University will empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in the marketplace, the ministry, or both.  While instilling integrity, confidence, and excellence in service, we will assist you to get massive results in every area of your life. Our goal is to see you transform from the inside out, and in turn, transform the lives of others.


Bloom University strives to be a leading institution providing quality programs designed to educate and empower you to reach your fullest potential.  We will challenge your mind and heart to destroy limiting beliefs, fuel your passion and ignite a fire to become an agent of change.  Bloom University commits to offering various methods to accomplish your educational goals in the midst of our ever-changing  society.


Meet The President


Dr. Connie Stewart

A great believer that you can live your best life NOW, Dr. Stewart’s most gratifying moments come when she is able to help people to realize the greatness within them. 


Dr. Connie Stewart is a woman who inspires and empowers the lives of those she encounters. Her passion for life is contagious and she does not take no for an answer.  Dr. Connie not only believes in the ability to dream but she believes that dreams really do come true. Her desire is to wake people up to the giant that lives on the inside of them and give them the necessary tools to live their best life.  Her mission is to motivate, educate and challenge individuals as well as organizations to “Bloom” into their fullest potential.


Dr. Connie Stewart received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas.  Dr. C also has two honorary Doctorates and is pursuing her master’s degree in Psychology with a specialization in Leadership Development and Coaching.


Dr. Connie Stewart is a successful entrepreneur, an accomplished author and a sought-after speaker. She has also been profiled by various media outlets where she encourages countless men and women to live a life in full bloom.  An expert in personal development, Dr. Stewart has also helped many emerging brands and influencers to discover their purpose and achieve their dreams. 


Not only is Dr. C an innovative Life Coach, but she is also sold out to God.  Dr. Connie is a consecrated Bishop and the Senior Pastor of Believer’s Empowerment Church. Most importantly and dear to her heart is being the mother of two amazing children, Caleb (Son) and Cacey (Daughter). Dr. Connie Stewart is living life in full bloom.

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